Enigmeg Author Services

So, you’re an independent author, and  your baby – ahem, book is ready to publish.
Or is it?
You’ve put in months, possibly years, of hard work. Isn’t it right to make sure that effort doesn’t go to waste?
This is where I come in.
You’ll be doing your writing a massive disservice if you don’t put it through an editor first. You may think you’ve edited you work until it’s as honed as a world champion body builder.
One of the greatest criticisms of independently published work is that it is not of professional quality.
As your proof-reader, I will not rest until all those horrid little typos and nasty factual errors are eliminated.
As your editor, I can help you work on well-rounded characters, believable dialogue and well-paced plots, while retaining your personal tone and voice.
Just gimme your story to edit, dammit, and I will make it awesome! (and shiny)

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